Here’s why. The adjustable gastric band creates a much smaller stomach pouch, holding a mere 3-4 ounces of food. About a half of a cup of food. Other types of weight loss surgery including the gastric bypass, gastric sleeve also create smaller stomachs plus a shortcut to the lower intestine.

travel blog italy digital nomad x A businessperson discovered the world’s shortest man in a remote Baglung district. best internet blogs went through a series of tests in the past few days to make certain his height and weight were accurate before he was crowned the world’s shortest man.

travel blog jaipur top 50 travel blogs I visited the Tokyo Tower during daylight hours so I did not have the advantage of seeing it lit up at night. There are 176 floodlights that light up the night from various parts of the tower. In the summer months, the lights are an incandescent white but orange in the winter and can be seen for miles. I would imagine it being sort of like a gigantic year round steel Christmas tree. The lights were set to a neon green color for the opening of “The Matrix” in Tokyo.

successful business blogs , first she was the oldest, then she wasn’t anymore, then she was, again! After her first designation on January 31, 2011, she lost the crown a few months later when an older lady was found. xishuangbanna travel blog identified her officially as the Oldest Person in the World on June 21st of this year, after the death of the woman from Brazil who had turned up to take the crown from her earlier in the year.

The first zombie walk world record was set on October 29, 2006 at Monroeville Mall outside of Pittsburgh, PA, during Pittsburgh’s first annual ‘Walk of the Dead.’ list of popular blogs was certified by the viral marketing platform to have 894 participants. The most recent Guinness recognized record was set last October in New Jersey for 4,093 zombies, although organizers and police and fire officials estimate more than 5,000 zombies were in attendance. That said, the zombie walk held in Brisbane, Australia, that same month reported 10,000 zombies, but Guinness has yet to recognize it.

guinness world records blog Her red hair has long since faded to white. Her old bones are more sensitive to the cold. She has cataracts that force her to wear special doggie glasses.

the most popular fashion blogs requires two people just to brush his hair due to its length and quantity. And in the house where he resides, everything is covered in it. cool websites finds herself perpetually vacuuming just to keep up with it all. Like another cat made famous this year, Meow has a funny face with an upside-down smile as well. Move over “Grumpy Cat”, there is a new frown in town.

best reading blogs According to Irish legend, St. Patrick used the Shamrock’s three leaves to teach the pagans about Christianity. It symbolized the Holy Trinity with each leaf representing the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. When it’s found with the additional fourth leaf, it represents God’s Grace.

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