Start looking at WordPress and the array of plug ins and templates, and you’ll start to get dizzy, waste a lot of effort, and still not have your top sites for blogging up and running.

popular parenting blogs, gaming blogs, travel blogs. blogging for companies about pets, blogs about people and even blogs about blogs. Wherever you look you see someone else blogging about something different and original. You might not be surprised then to learn that the number of blogs is around the 300 million mark, with many more blogs being created every single day. It should also be no surprise to know that a good number of blogs earn a regular income for their owners, while some others do not. In this article we discuss a few of the key points to consider when building a blog to ensure it gets a steady, loyal readership.

In blogs on fashion and style scored first, but then the USA went on a 6-0 run. The USA team finished the second quarter outscoring the Chinese 28-16. Thus they ended the first half leading 61-27. The top chinese blogs scorers at the end of the first half were Miao Lijie and Sui Feifei. round the world travel blog at the half was Tina Thompson with 21 points.

successful business blogs So, here goes. To make money finance blogs there are basically two methods, which I have very considerately numbered 1 and 2 to make them easier to follow.

After learning what is blog , I decided to contact some of successful projects to find out how they used Facebook to help them with Kickstarter. was fortunate enough to get in contact with a few of the owners through my network of contacts on Facebook. What I learned was that with Facebook they were able to identify many travel advice blog through mutual friendships and networks (this is exactly what I had done to get in contact with them!). Once were identified, they asked for an introduction through their mutual friend. I learned that for the Soma Water project, speaking to big name bloggers with an introduction from a mutual friend gave them a 50% success rate of getting coverage by that blog, compared to a 1% success rate with no introduction.

Speaking of online fashion blogs, Google provides a couple of tools that many people find useful. Google Analytics tracks how many visits your website receives on a daily basis, and breaks the results down into three general categories: direct, search engine, and referred. Analytics is not as comprehensive as AWStats or Webalizer, but it does provide a good, quick baseline to see how well, or not well your site is faring on the web.

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